In the interests of members of the Business Council, the Council provides the following services:

  • Registration of companies and representative offices in Cyprus.
  • Analysis of the economic situation in various sectors of the Cypriot economy and providing information to members of the Business Council on the position and prospects of relevant areas of the Cypriot economy.
  • Attracting investment for the implementation of Russian entrepreneurs business projects.
  • Monitoring the investment market and Cypriot legislation to ensure the proper conduct of Russian business in Cyprus.
  • Establishing relationships and conducting preliminary negotiations with the Cypriot side in order to identify opportunities for co-operation with their Russian counterparties.
  • Checking that relevant Cypriot companies genuinely exist, that their documents are authentic and whether they are solvent.
  • Organising and conducting negotiations between representatives of Russian companies and their Cypriot counterparties.
  • Project monitoring and informational support, and acting on behalf of Russian companies in Cyprus, in accordance with their instructions.
  • Promoting the interests of members of the Business Council, through various mechanisms of inter-governmental co-operation.
  • Informational support through the mass media, feeding information on Business Council members to the specialist press.
  • Disseminating information and promoting arrangements to enhance and build up economic, political, cultural and other links between the two countries.
  • Providing information about Council projects on its website.

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